Making Great Event's
Easy to Imagine
Sound and Lighting



Compact powered DJ's and solo performer mixer: A professional mixer offering two digital effect units and a 2 x 500 watts power amplifier to be used in entertainment and multimedia applications
The XTi Series of Crown amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for
portable PA applications. XTi 2000
All are rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class.
Custom solutions for demanding environments: from bistro installations to Alpha Concept mega-discotheque systems.

Dj party high standard
ensuring comfort to you and your guest's
we can cater for any size
crowd from 50 to 1000
guests with ease.
we use State-of-the-art loudspeaker management and advanced system supervision for reliability
pictures on left and right
are some of the equipment
we use we are updating and updating and updating to insure
you get the service you deserve